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The stories of Daniel Boone are as numerous and varied as his real-life adventures.

His life inspired the creative works of many colorful storytellers and they seldom let facts get in the way.

His poetic acknowledgement of nature’s personality was expressed when in his own words he wrote,

“Many dark and sleepless nights have I been a companion of owls, separated from the cheerful society of men, scorched by the summer’s sun and pinched by the winter’s cold…”

I join the ranks of many who have long been intrigued with the popular commercial stories of our great Daniel Boone.  The movies, a TV series and all sorts of frontier books celebrate his seemingly indestructible life.

Truth be told, by today’s standards the actual events of Boones life were so fantastic that most people could not bring themselves to believe it.

The story of Daniel Boone and his wife Rebecca is filled with adventure, discovery, heartache, success, and failure but most importantly old age. They did it all and they lived to talk about it.

– Carl White

Join us on the Boone Project as we explore all that is BOONE.

Frontiersman Joshua and William camp on the water’s edge. They are talking about wilderness adventure and stories of Boone.

“In Search of Boone” Scene 1-4

Location: Wilkes County NC

Joshua is portrayed by R.G. Absher

William is portrayed by Doug Mitchell  

Original Music by Tim Vogel

Joshua and William embody the many frontiersman who set out and joined up with Daniel Boone.

In Scenes 1-4 we see Joshua and William in on-location production shots.  The idea was to capture a feel of the natural environment that would be like the area that those in NC would have experienced.

The Boone Project Collection


Frontiersman Joshua and William talk about a journey that will start the next morning. They are on the trail to Deep Gap in hopes of meeting up with a scout at Meat Camp who can help them meet up with Boone.

Few of the memories..!

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