The Boone Project is the brainchild of producer and TV personality Carl White. From the start, he knew it would only be successful if the right people had a strong command of knowledge of the time in which Daniel Boone was alive.  

We are fortunate to have started with a strong group of people who know the time and spend a good portion of their life in historical interpretation.

The creative collaboration of people involved with the Boone Project combined with good research is where the vision takes form. 

Our objectives for the Boone Project are

  1. Research and catalog the historical data regarding the life of Daniel Boone. We will look at primary source material to establish a factual baseline.
  1. . Research and catalog Folklore surrounding the life of Daniel Boone.
  1. Research and catalog the creative inspiration that the life of Daniel Boone inspired. This process will include exploring books written, TV shows produced, movies made, and stage performance shows.
  1. Research the general commercial use of the name and idea of Daniel Boone for various product branding campaigns.
  1. Research and catalog locations with a formal Daniel Boone tie with historical significance.
  1. Research and catalog historic Daniel Boone Trails.
  1. Using our research, we will Create original content in documentary and entertainment formats.
  1. We will create written content in a variety of distribution forms.

Our great adventure has started, and we look forward to seeing you on the trail.